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You Want to Optimize Your Income, Grow Your Business and Live Your Dream Life, But You Don’t Know Where to Start…


…so, it’s time you met The Profitability Playbook.

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Want to enjoy a steady, reliable income stream, and the confidence to bid projects for what they’re really worth?

If so, there’s no better place to start than understanding the financial end of contracting. Because according to Construction Business Owner magazine:

  • Only one out of twenty business owners will ever become financially independent.
  • One out of eight contracting businesses fail every year.



  • Not enough profit
  • Too little equity
  • Slow collections


Notice a pattern here? The majority of contractors focus on the wrong things every day. It’s time to get off the hamster wheel and learn what you really need to pay attention to, and how to manage your business finances!


The Tuit Group’s newest course, Contractors’ Profitability Playbook:

Why You Aren’t As Profitable As You Could Be, And What You Can Do About It, will teach you just that.

At this point, you may feel clueless about how to actually DO IT.


Maybe you’ve heard that tracking finances is the way to get and remain profitable, but two things constantly pop up in your mind:

  1. I’m a contractor, not an accountant!
  2. Even though I want to understand how cash flow really works, I have no idea where to start!


Response to #1: Yes, you’re a contractor. You really make it happen in the field.


But you’re also a business owner. You NEED to understand the basics of the way money actually works in keeping a business healthy.


Most contractors share the same story:

  • They work too hard and take too much risk.
  • They never make big money.
  • They never have any left over to invest.
  • They never get out of debt.
  • They can’t stop working, because they need the money to live on.



Response to #2: You need to start at the beginning.


If you don’t know where to start, the best place, as with anything, is at the beginning. If you’re brand new to business finance, or have tried tacking it and feel overwhelmed — you’re not alone.


But you don’t need to stay that way.


Because when you have a playbook that starts from the beginning and takes you all the way through to the end, all you need to do is follow the plan. Take one step at a time, pace yourself, and make sure to take consistent action.


And if you do, you cannot fail. But before you reach success, you need 2 things first:

    1. A Guide/Mentor who’s already done what you want to do
    2. A Step by Step Blueprint to Follow



If this sounds like you so far, keep reading…


Maybe you have a business up and running, and you tell yourself things like:


  • “Hey, we have plenty of money in the bank, we’re doing just fine.”
  • “We always pay our bills on time, isn’t that enough?”
  • “We may have lost money on this job, but we’ll make it up on the next one.”
  • “I’m too busy with the REAL work! I don’t have time for details like bookkeeping.”
  • “Sure, we’re a little short right now, but we have a ton of receivables that should come in soon…”


Listen, if you have a business, financial details ARE your business.

Because a business without proactive financial management will soon be a DEAD business.


Seriously, just look at these statistics!


The reality is, out of every 100 contracting business owners at age 65:

  • Only one will be independently wealthy.
  • Four will be financially secure.
  • Twenty-four will still be working out of necessity.
  • Thirty-one will be dead.
  • Forty will be broke, and need Social Security to make ends meet.


The only way to be among those top five above is to understand common concepts of business finance.


Let’s be honest, you already understand the importance of business financial management, or you wouldn’t be reading this right now.


You already “get it.” All you need is to find a way to do it.


Because you’ll really never be able to be successful by ignoring your finances. You just…won’t.


So, no matter what situation you’re in:


  1. You don’t have a contracting business, and WANT to start one, or


  1. You have a contracting business and you’re ignoring finances…


We can promise you this:


Understanding and proactively implementing sound financial practices is the ONE BUSINESS ACTIVITY you can do to get the HIGHEST PROFITABILITY POSSIBLE for any business, anywhere…period.

Get It Now for $177.00

that’s less than an typical billable hour of time with your CPA!

Instructor Jim Aanderud

brings 26 years of in-the-trenches knowledge and experience as a CCTV pipeline inspection contractor in the wastewater management industry to his students at The Tuit Group. His methods are tried and proven, through a dozen years of learning what it takes to make real money in contracting.


His Profitability Playbook course isn’t theory. It’s hard-won, field-tested, works-every-time strategy and tactics for understanding the back-office finances that support every crew that goes into the field. But it only has such high performance quality when you understand how it works and know how to implement it properly.

Now Available for $177.00

Meet The Answer To Your Income Problem: Profitability Playbook. Here’s Exactly What You’ll Learn Inside The Course…


  1. Profit
  2. Operating Capital or Cash Flow
  3. Accounting Basics
  4. How to Determine Cost of Business
  5. How to Price Jobs Correctly
  6. Increasing Profit Margins
  7. Increasing Sales Volume


As you can see, there are only 7 building blocks, and they’re quite simple.


Inside the Profitability Playbook, you learn everything you need to know to make and keep your contracting business profitable.

  • Grow and scale your existing business by simply changing the way you think about money.
  • Start an entirely new business, from the ground up, and run it like a boss.
  • No need to retool your whole company, just get a handle on cash flow and the rest will come along easily.
  • Create and keep a comfortable income and peace of mind for yourself and your employees.
  • Build a business so profitable that you can begin exploring new opportunities without fear of risk.