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Lean Times Marketing Tips


Quick DIY No Cost and Low Cost Marketing Tips you can implement right now to help your business gain marketing traction.


What you are experiencing in your business today is not due to what you are doing at this moment in time, but rather a direct result of what you did—or failed to do—six to nine months ago.

When you’re a startup, or experiencing tough times in an established business, often the first thing that gets scaled back is the advertising or marketing budget. On the surface, it makes sense: It’s one of those expenses that is difficult to quantify or qualify, and when financial strains arise, it seems like a non-critical expense. But nothing could be further from the truth. If you cut things back too far or eliminate them altogether, chances are, your situation won’t improve…and will most likely get worse.

Why? Because just when you most need people to be thinking of your business, you suddenly “disappear” from the front of their minds! Your customers will begin to forget you, or worse, assume you’re no longer in business. Keep some level of presence and visibility while starting up or weathering a storm. Then, when things improve and customers have the funds to spend, you’ll be top of mind because they’ve been seeing your message consistently…while some of your competitors have been scaling back or disappearing altogether.

You always need to spend marketing dollars wisely, but when you must trim things back to tighten the belt, it don’t stop marketing altogether. This guide contains some our favorite no-cost and low-cost marketing tips and ideas that many of our customers have used with great results.

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