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Why Invite A TUIT Group Coach To Speak?

Suzan, Jim and Duane are veterans of the wastewater industry. They are marketing and business process professionals who specialize in developing and delivering education, coaching and training programs for industry professionals, beginners to seasoned pros alike. And like their audience, they didn’t learn how to do this sitting in a classroom… their experience was gained in the field. They understand the challenges of being a wastewater infrastructure professional, because they are them.


These three individuals have a deep passion and care for the wastewater industry and those who serve it. It is an industry that has been very good to them so their mission is to give back. Suzan, Jim and Duane understand that professionals in this field already know the hands-on part of their work. They wants to show those industry experts how to be more effective at the back-end part of their business in the areas of:


  • Marketing & Promotion
  • Finances & Profitability
  • Customer Relations & Business Development
  • Hiring, Training & Retaining The Right People
  • Branding – Company & Personal
  • Selling in a Digital Age
  • Pipeline Cleaning & Inspection Techniques
  • Understanding, Maintaining & Optimally Operating Equipment


They provide true value for audiences, with presentations packed with pithy, actionable tips audience attendees can take home and immediately apply to enhance their businesses. Although their unique presentation styles are different, all present in a manner that helps attendees see themselves as serious industry professionals with a great deal to offer their customers.


This common approach emphasizes the importance of recognizing opportunities and knowing how to act quickly and decisively to take advantage of them. TUIT Group presentations are positive, upbeat and optimistic, without ignoring the very real challenges of today’s business markets.

From WWETT Education Day Attendees:
Very Interesting, she took her time, very informative…Very well spoken, clear, knowledgeable and personable…Thank you for an excellent presentation!...Just what I was looking for… Gave me great ideas for social media…Very informative - ``got me thinking`` how to be better…

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